Three Local State Parks

Montana has many state parks that cover our state’s history and natural features. They are scattered across the state and visiting them gives you a glimpse into the past. There is a complete list of parks here, on the state’s website. Here in Bozeman, we have several close by that are definitely worth visiting.


The Missouri Headwaters State Park is where the Madison, Gallatin and Jefferson Rivers come together to form the Missouri. This holds significance for fans of Lewis and Clark’s expedition as well as this is where Sacajawea was captured and eventually returned to her people. This is one of the larger state parks in the area, and boasts camping, hiking trails, fishing, floating and more.

The campsites are available to reserve online if you’re planning ahead. This is a great spot to watch local wildlife and birds, and take a quiet walk by the river.


Located along the Lower Madison River south of Three Forks, this limestone cliff was used by native americans for almost 2,000 years. Tribes would lure bison close to the cliff, then chase them off it. Before the arrival of horses to North America, this was the easier way to kill bison for food, shelter, clothing and more.

The state park includes interpretive displays and a hiking trail to help understand how this feature was used in the past. There are still bison bones buried at the base of the cliff and archaeologists have found evidence of tipi rings from a large settlement at some point in time. This state park is an important and interesting look at the past of our corner of Montana.


Lewis and Clark Caverns is one of the largest limestone cave systems in the northwest. The actual cavern is only accessible through tours May-September, but there is a lot more to this state park than just that. The 3,015 acres offer camping, tipi and cabin rentals, hiking trails and more. Please note that the caverns are currently closed with the Covid-19 outbreak.

The campground is open, and sites can be reserved online. This state park has a lot to offer, and is definitely worth a visit.

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