NRS Slipstream 120 Rafts - 12' In Length

The Hatch Adventures-equipped NRS Slipstream is ready to tackle any of the water in Montana. From day trips with a few buddies to overnighters off-grid, the versatility of the Slipstream 120 fuels the adventure angler’s wanderlust from coast to coast.

With the option to fit three anglers, or fewer anglers and more gear, the Slipstream 120 is designed to float pushy rivers, languid streams, and everything in between. Rent ours in ready-to-fish packages. Our Slipstreams feature exclusive storage solutions, an internal anchor system, and more. The Slipstream 120 rental raft is our smaller alternative to our 14 ft Slipstream 139’s and is designed for shallow water performance allowing you access to water other rafts cannot reach. If you can pack light, this is an excellent option for low water Smith River floats.

  • White Water Engineered: for ultimate durability on the water. Welded seam tube construction with upper and lower wear pads. 3 chambers allow for the raft to stay afloat even in the event of a puncture.

  • Purpose Built: Space for (3) anglers plus gear with an NRS Lo-pro fishing frame that includes extra D-rings for lashing down all your gear. Includes stern and bow angler seats and thigh hooks for stabile casting.

  • 6” Drop Stitch Floor: Provides stability, eliminating the need for casting platforms. Includes slip-resistant pad for superior traction when wet.

  • Internal Anchor System: Controllable from rowers seat including a 35# 4 Sided Pyramid Green Anchor 

Raft Package Includes:

  • NRS organizational dry bags for dry box

  • Keep your food and beverages cold in the Canyon Coolers Outfitter 125qt cooler. 

  • 8’ Cararact Oras and blades

  • Raft trailer with front mounted hand winch

  • First aid kit, Pumps, Repair/Patch kit,