The Ultimate Rig For The Traveling Photographer

Bozeman and the greater Yellowstone area boast an impressive number of local photographers. This area also attracts traveling photographers from around the world. They are drawn to the stunning landscape, the prolific variety of wildlife and the amazing light we get here in the mountains. Photographers need to spend their time in the field during those ideal moments of early and late in the day. Our Jeep and Toyota rentals are the ultimate rig for the traveling photographer.

Here’s why.


Spending as much time as possible in the field is a must for any traveling photographer. Wildlife photography is a huge draw for this area, and they are often most active in the first hours of light and the last bit of day. If you’re spending that time driving back and forth from your hotel in town, you’re missing out.

There are plenty of incredible landscapes in the area to shoot, and that magic light for the perfect shot might only last a few minutes. Drive to your perfect vantage, then camp and wait for it. There’s no reason you can’t be comfortable while you’re searching for that perfect light.

Extend your shooting opportunities by sleeping where you shoot.


Our vehicle rentals are entirely self contained. All you need to do is hit the grocery store for some food and beverages and you’re good to go. It’s a full kit for a camping adventure. The vehicles are designed to get you where you need to go, and stay mobile during your trip. When the camper is popped up and the awning is out, it’s still a remarkably small footprint compared to many other camper and RV options.

The best part for the traveling photographer is that our vehicles don’t drive like a larger RV. All the pop-up campers rooftop campers we rent have a remarkably small and thin form factor, which doesn’t affect driveability at all. Parking in crowded areas, driving down tight roads, and moving from place to place is just as easy as driving a car.


Mobility is the name of the game for the traveling photographer. There is a lot to see in our area, and a lot to take pictures of. Being able to quickly and easily move from place to place is a huge benefit to make the most out of your time in Montana. Our vehicle campers allow you to break camp and move in a matter of moments.

Our pop-up campers deploy and break down in under a minute. All the gear easily stows in the back of the vehicles. When you need to move it’s quick and easy. Whether you are chasing that magic light or simply want to check out a new spot, you can feel free to stay mobile.


The last thing the traveling photographer needs to worry about is complicated or difficult camping equipment. After a long day of shooting, you want to be able to come back to camp and enjoy the evening. All of our gear has been picked for its ease of use, functionality, and durability. The campers are extremely easy to use, as is everything. Even people not used to camping can get in the groove of the process quickly and easily.

Montana will continue to be a draw for traveling photographers as long as our mountains stand. If you’re thinking of coming up here for a photo trip, consider one of our adventure rentals. They’re the ultimate rig for the traveling photographer. Book one here now!


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