Which Vehicle Should I Pick?

When planning your Montana trip with Hatch Adventures, an obvious question is which of our adventure vehicles fits you best. We currently offer three different adventure vehicles for rent: Toyota Tacomas, Toyota 4Runners, and Jeep Wrangler Unlimiteds.

All of our adventure vehicle rentals include a full camping kit and an ARB awning. All you need is food and drink and you’re on your way! This short video details our camping kit:


We are accepting reservations for this summer, and once we’re able to move around and travel again we are expecting a boom, so get your dates booked now! You can make your booking on our website here or by calling us at (406) 595-5650.


Get more info on our Tacoma rentals and book your trip here.

The Toyota Tacoma has fast become one of the more popular adventure vehicles on the road today. Here in Bozeman you can hardly drive down a street without seeing at least one. This popularity is well deserved. These trucks are comfortable to drive, have plenty of storage room, and are more driveable than larger trucks. Their smaller size doesn’t skimp on passenger comfort, leaving lots of elbow room even with adults.

The Go Fast Camper (GFC) is what makes this rental really shine. This pop-up camper is extremely easy to use, fast to set up, and the low-profile design doesn’t affect gas mileage. The side panels of the topper open and allow you to easily access the entire truck bed. Locally made, the GFC makes car camping and overlanding easy.

The Tacoma is a great choice for families or those with a need for extra cargo space. The truck bed lets you organize and stow all your camping and adventure gear while leaving room in the cab for people. The backseat is very comfortable for kids or adults.


Get more info on our 4Runner rentals and book your trip here.

The Toyota 4Runner is a staple for adventure SUVs. It is a very comfortable ride, even with wide-shouldered adults. The back seat is comfortable for passengers, or fold it down to extend your storage space. Gas mileage is comparable to the Tacoma.

We have our 4Runner equipped with the GFC Roof Top Tent. This is the same tent design as the GFC truck camper. You access the tent via a stow-able ladder. The slim, low-profile design has a minimal impact on gas mileage, and is so compact you hardly notice it at all. It maintains the extremely easy to use features of its truck camper counterpart, and sets up in under a minute.

For those who prefer an SUV over a truck, this is a great choice. The 4Runner is an excellent family vehicle with the very comfortable back seats. It doesn’t quite have the storage room of the Tacoma, but still has plenty of space for the camping kit and all your gear.


Get more info on our Jeep rentals and book your trip here.

Few vehicles embody the spirit of American adventure quite like the Jeep Wrangler. It has a history long steeped in epic road trips and grand adventures. Our Jeep Wranglers are the Unlimited models with 4-doors. This gives you the ability to carry extra passengers or gear comfortably. The back seats fold flat, so with just two people you have extra cargo space.

The Ursa Minor Vehicles J30 camper replaces the stock hard top of the Jeep. The camper is integrated into the top, and offers a very slim profile compared to many roof top tent options. The roof is raised about 6”, which doesn’t affect how the Jeep drives or gas mileage. The tent is super easy to use, and set up takes less than a minute. Here’s a video of it we made a couple summers ago:

Our Jeep rentals are perfect for couples, or Jeep fans. Jeep people love Jeeps, and for good reason. Families with kids will enjoy this vehicle, but groups of adults might want to steer toward our other vehicles with more room in the backseat.

We hope this helps narrow down the choice of which of our adventure vehicles to rent. Please give us a call or shoot us a message if you have any questions or would like to further discuss our options for your upcoming trip. Remember, we are accepting reservations for this summer!


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