Planning A Spring Trip To Yellowstone National Park

Happy first day of Spring! Spring in Yellowstone National Park is one of the best times of year to visit. There are fewer crowds, baby animals abound, and the grass and vegetation is as green and beautiful as it gets all year. This year we expect fewer spring time visitors to the park than there have been in a few years.

The road from Gardiner to Mammoth to Tower to Cooke City is open year round, but more roads in the park start opening April 17th. By early May most of the roads are open and the winter snowpack is in full retreat. Since Yellowstone National Park is at a higher elevation, winter snows can linger well into June in some spots.

As the snow melts, grass greens up and the park comes to life. A major attraction is baby animals. They typically begin to arrive in April and May, and spring is a great time to see them. Look for baby bison, elk, wolf pups, bear cubs and more in the spring. More to come on this specifically later!

Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan your spring Yellowstone trip.


This is something to keep an eye on this year, given the current world situation.. There can be closures, delays, updates and more posted on the Park’s website for any number of reasons. Road construction is a pretty constant thing in Yellowstone every year and you can stay up to date on which sections of road are getting worked on and estimated delays. Plan ahead for delays and even see about alternate routes to avoid it entirely.


Being ready for all conditions is something we discuss a lot. The forecast can change rapidly and drastically. Be sure to pack waterproof rain gear and warm clothes for every trip, no matter what the forecast says. The great thing about nasty weather in the spring is that it usually doesn’t last long if it does come. If you stay in the park a week in May, you’ll see all kinds of weather.

Extra layers or warm clothes don’t take up much room in a suitcase. Don’t forget a warm hat and some light gloves for sitting around the campfire at night! Even on the warmest spring days temps do drop in the evenings and at night.


Yellowstone is a perfect place to camp. Doing so allows you to be right there in the mornings and evenings when animals are most active, and you can maximize your time in the park. A number of campgrounds open in May, with the rest following in early to mid June. Five of the campgrounds in the park are available to reserve online, the rest are first come first serve.

The only campground in Yellowstone National Park open year round is at Mammoth. This is very accessible and a great option if you are here earlier in the year. Camping there in late March through April is the quietest camping you’ll experience in Yellowstone!

We highly recommend reserving campsites in Yellowstone, as the best first come first serve sites are not always available, especially on weekends. That doesn’t mean you can never camp at a non-reserved campground, but planning ahead just takes one more thing off your mind. Not sure where to go? Let us help!

Get more info on the Park’s campgrounds and reserve online here.

Our Jeep, Tacoma, and 4Runner rentals are the perfect all-in-one solution for your Yellowstone vacation. They’re easy to drive around the park, and camp is always with you! Our camp kits include everything you need to be comfortable, and the integrated campers on each vehicle are ready to go in seconds each night. We’re now even offering airport pickup! Book one for your trip this spring in Yellowstone before they’re all gone! Reserve your dates here.


As always, please be patient and considerate of your fellow visitors. Yellowstone National Park is a wild place, but at times it can feel a bit crowded. Bison jam, anyone? Just keep everyone around you in mind as you’re stopping to look at animals, taking pictures, or parking your vehicle. Pay close attention to all park rules and signs, especially those involving animals. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE PEOPLE!

This year the world needs level heads and consideration more than we have in a while. We’re all in places like Yellowstone for the same reasons. We all appreciate it.

Yellowstone National Park is worth the trip, year-round. Spring is a special time, and if you are looking to experience the many benefits of this time of year we highly recommend visiting this spring. As we said, we’re anticipating a less crowded park than we’ve seen in a while and the majority of the crowds don’t get here til July.

We are happy to answer any questions about spring in Yellowstone, and our staff can help you organize and plan your trip. Reach out to us anytime for help!


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