Gear For Spring Camping

Having the right gear for spring camping can make the difference between enjoying your trip and not. Keeping a few things in mind helps you stay prepared for the conditions. Spring presents some unique challenges to the camper, but can also offer some of the most quiet and enjoyable camping of the entire year.

Why go camping in the spring at all? Isn’t it colder, and wetter, than other times of year? Well, yes. It is. However, there are several advantages. One of the biggest ones (and most notable right now) is that spring camping is quiet. There’s not many people out and about this time of year. You can often find popular campgrounds and spots all to yourself, or at least with lots of distance between groups.

Bringing the right clothing is essential gear for spring camping. Keep in mind two things: the nights are going to be pretty chilly, and the weather has a good chance of being rainy. A good layering system with a warm, puffy jacket (and puffy pants!) will keep you comfortable in camp once the sun goes down. Bring a change of clothes in case you do get wet, and never forget your quality rain gear! Even if the forecast is for sunshine and clear skies, bring the rain gear. Never know when it might change.

An awning on your camper is really nice to have for when the weather does turn nasty. It allows you to have a rain (or snow) free area to cook, sit, and hang out. There are a lot of awnings on the market that are very easy to deploy, are sturdy enough to handle bad weather, and slow easily and aerodynamically on the side of your vehicle. All our vehicle rentals include an ARB awning as part of the standard camping kit.

One reality of spring camping is mud. Spring is mud season in Montana! Planning ahead to manage the mud that will inevitably collect on boots, clothes, and other gear helps minimize the mess and cleanup when you get home. Something as simple as a floormat or cheap rug to put down and take boots and shoes off before getting into your camper makes a world of difference. Keep a towel handy inside to wipe your hands, and a brush for clothes, boots, and other gear that gets muddy.

The next couple of months can provide some of the most uncrowded and pleasant camping of the entire year! Bringing the right gear for spring camping will ensure your experience is as good as it can be. Let us know if we can help you plan your trip.

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