Fishing DePuy’s Spring Creek

April is almost over, and as it exits it takes with it early spring. Grass is greening up here in SW Montana, rivers are beginning to run higher and dirtier, and the weather is nice! Spring is here. The fishing is picking up too. One of our favorite things to do is fishing DePuy’s Spring Creek.

DePuy’s is located just outside of Livingston near the mouth of Paradise Valley. It limits access to 16 rods (anglers) per day and the prime dates often book a year or more in advance. There are two other spring creeks nearby, but DePuy is the largest and arguably the most well known.

One of the main attractions to fishing DePuy’s Spring Creek this time of year (or any time of year) is the crystal clear water. The water maintains a gin-clear clarity and near constant flow year round. The water temp stays remarkably stable year round as well, unlike other rivers and creeks in the area. This environment means consistent and predictable hatches and large, spooky trout.


The spring creeks give an angler a chance to experience the most technical fishing in the state. For dry fly purists or those who simply like a challenge it is a dream come true. This is where you want to move very slowly, spot your target fish and make a plan, and can spend all afternoon trying to fool one specific trout. Fishing DePuy’s Spring Creek means light rods and long, fine leaders. There are many days when a size #18 fly and 5x tippet is simply too large.

The challenge isn’t for everyone, but it doesn’t mean these fish are impossible to catch. And when you do catch one it’s much more rewarding than if it had been easy. My most memorable day here was spent standing in a 10-yard area and casting to the same 4 or 5 trout for four hours. Finally one ate, and just that one fish made my entire summer.

If you’re a local wanting to test your skills, or traveling through and want to fish somewhere very special, be sure to put fishing DePuy’s Spring Creek on your list this year. It’s well worth the entrance fee. Be sure to book your dates early!

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